The first thing you notice is their playful complicity. Their movements are alive and express their pleasure. Inventing acrobatic meanders becomes a game, in which they surprise and tease and interwine with each other. It is for fun, to play, and yet is of a highly accomplished perceptiveness and intelligence. Movements are natural and transitions flow, each gesture taking shape from the one before.

It is visibly in this complicity and pleasure that the rest of the story unfolds. We then no- tice their differences. Whereas one is placid, the other is highly strung. Without wanting to excessively caricature the differences, it is undeniably in their spontaneous way of doing things differently that harmony is achieved.

The distress of one amplifies the nonchalance of the other. Together their strength un- folds and through the absurd reality of unexpected movements, they take us into a world of playful nonsense.

This is finally expressed in extremis : when the act is over the public are left won- dering why is was so appealing. The apparent triviality of the acrobatic squabble hits us square in the face. They do not seem to weigh up the inanity of their movements nor the drollery of their controversy. All sense of meaning is lost, which only adds to its value.


By : Jonathan Guichard and Fnico Feldmann
With : Fnico Feldmann and Jonathan Guichard substituted by Mosi Espinoza Navarro
Artistic director : Christian Coumin
Lighting : Cyril Malivert
Musical universe : Maxime Denuc
Set design : teamwork
Set-up : Cyril Malivert
Sound and Lighting managers :Cyril Malivert, Agathe Louyot Graphic designer : Aude Cuny
Admin: Christine Sabrié
Tour Manager: Virginie Moy
Lauréats Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2008
Coproduction : Jeune Talents Cirques Europe / Les Migrateurs-Strasbourg Théâtre de la Digue-Toulouse/ Le Hangar des Mines-St Sébastien d’Aigre- feuille / Chemin de Cirque (Eurorégion, La Grainerie-Balma, La Ferme de Riu Ferrer-Arles Sur Tech, l’Ateneu-Barcelone) / Studio Lido-Toulouse
Residential stays : Circuits-Auch / Le Hangar des Mines-St Sébastien d’Aigrefeuille / Chemin de Cirque (Eurorégion, La Grainerie-Balma, La Fer- me de Riu Ferrer-Arles Sur Tech, l’Ateneu-Barcelone) / Les Migrateurs - associés pour les arts du cirque dans le cadre de Circle Around projet européen / Festival Pisteurs d’Etoiles-Obernai / Le Maillon-Strasbourg / La cascade - Bourg St Andéol / Résidence Fratellini - St-Denis
Room loans : La Grainerie-Balma / Chemin de Cirque / La Ferme de Riu Ferrer / Centre Culturel-Ramonville / MJC-Rodez
Thanks : Studio Lido / La Grainerie / La Ferme de Riu Ferrer

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