For this new adventure, we have decided to approach wood in its most natural state.  We wanted to bring a forest with all its symbolism right onto the stage – and what better than a tree itself? We have planned different sequences, which will connect us to the tree throughout its deconstruction.  Each part; branches, trunk and sawdust will become the décor and will support our movements.

As it is taken apart, so is the shelter that it provides for other species and thus brings a second life to the tree.  We want to give a second life to our beech tree, in the same way that it would continue to live when reborn as a piece of furniture or a parquet floor.

Two Beings and one Beech.

“Trees die upright”

We are seeking supple acrobatics with flowing movements, well-constructed and in constant evolution. Sometimes generous and aerial, sometimes intimate and minute in gesture. Sincere acrobatics which are part of a whole, inclusive of the other and of the object.

A personal dance for an eventful situation.

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