Fnico Feldmann, acrobat who whilst studying at University (STAPS Masters – sports teacher training) also followed an amateur syllabus at the Lido. Then taught at the Lido for 5 years, gave acrobatic classes and ran courses at La Grainerie and with the Pronomades. Became professional in 2003 with the company “Les Renversés”, which he created with two other circus artists. In 2006 helped to set up the act “ Les Rêves Oubliés” (Forgotten Dreams) by the company “La Baraque” and choreographed by Elisa Martin-Pradal.

Jonathan Guichard, tight-rope walker, graduated from the CNAC (National Cen- tre of Circus Arts) in 2005 with the KILO show and helped to put together the ZOOO show. Has many wire acts under his belt, notably with the “Romanès” Circus in 2006 and the Peruvian Circus “La Tarumba”. Also teaches professional tight-rope walking at the Lido

Mosi Abdu Espinoza Navarro was trained at La Tarumba, ‘L’Ecole National des Arts du Cirque’ (National School of Circus Art) at Rosny and ‘Le Lido’ (The Circus Arts Center of Toulouse). Encountered the circus at the age of 10, in Peru, during circus workshops, which he attended for 2 years. Performed during the first tour of the Tarum- ba Big Top, as an artist and as circus teacher. Also works with two Peruvian companies – Fantastica circo and Agarrate Catalina – creating group projects. Is also part of the Fantastico Circo’s social project, which runs circus workshops for school children from poor backgrounds, and works as circus teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru «PUCP».

Cyril Malivert, after obtaining a MIAG diploma (Masters in Management Applied IT), went on to study lighting management at the Lido and has worked for various diffe- rent circus companies (“Avis de Tempête” “Pret-à-Porter” “Le Petit Travers” “Tibo Tout Court” “Avisto”). Also teaches amateur classes in circus schools and to school children.

Christian Coumin has shared his time between his role of father, being on tour (the video-clowns scoured stages and sets from 1984 to 2004), teaching (teacher and artistic producer of Lido) and producing (artistic producer of Boustrophédon and Acros- tiches). He has also produced and directed shows with Vent d’Autan, les Skouts, Vis-à-vis, Léonor Canalès, La Cie Singulière, Tibo tout court, la Cie 111, Les Pas en Rond, Triplex, Pierre Biondi, Les Singuliers, Alex Saintin, Remise à 9, le Petit Travers, Okupa Mobil and thus Ieto.

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