Sébastien BRUN
After training at the CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque), he created the “Cirque Desaccordé” with other artists from his year. It is alongside this team that over the following ten years he developed his talents of acrobat and trapezist, and crossed the paths of many artists asked to bring a staging perspective to the company’s creations. After this he pursued his route as circus artist with two creations of the Compagnie Hors Piste. His path crossed the Chabatz d’Entrar company when he replaced artists during the “Mobile” show and he then joined the team for their following creation.

Acrobat, he followed an amateur course at Le Lido whilst studying at University (STAPS: Masters in sport, physical education (PE) and sports science). Then taught at the Lido for 5 years, gave acrobatic classes and ran courses at La Grainerie and with the Pronomades. He became professional in 2003 with the company “Les Renversés”, which he created with two other circus artists. In 2006 he helped to create the act “ Les Rêves Oubliés” (Forgotten Dreams) by the company “La Baraque”, choreographed by Elisa Martin-Pradal.

Born in Israel, Itamar is an acrobatic dancer. He studied at Jerusalem Circus, a Jewish-Arab circus school in the heart of Jerusalem, for 8 years and later taught there. In 2007 he went to Berlin for European voluntary service in circus teaching to immigrant children. He arrived in France in 2010 to undertake professional training in circus arts at Le Lido in Toulouse. He currently works with Pierre Rigal and Gilles Baron’s Compagnie 111.

Alys is a blend of different arts. Contortionist, theater actress and musician. 6 years of training in professional circus arts, music and theater schools. In 2011 she obtained a University Diploma in Performing Arts. After her work on composition, and corporal and musical research, she founded the company “Qui m’arrêtera”. She is currently working with the Carnage Productions company and has joined iéto for their new creation.

He divides his time between his children (all are girls), his tours (the Vidéo-Clowns scoured the stages and sets from 1984 to 2004), teaching (trainer and artistic director at Le Lido) and production (he has directed and produced shows with Les Acrostiches, la Compagnie 111, le Petit Travers, Vent d’Autan, les Skouts, Vis-à-vis, Léonor Canalès, Tibo tout court, Les Pas en Rond, Triplex, Pierre Biondi, Les Singuliers, Alex Saintin, Remise à 9 et Okupa Mobil). He now devotes himself to three companies : Le Boustrophédon (he is their artistic director), la Compagnie Singulière et (of course) iéto. It is to be noted that he purposefully loves to overuse brackets.

compagnie iéto | cie.ieto@gmail.com