Acrobat, he followed an amateur course at Le Lido whilst studying at University (STAPS: Masters in sport, physical education (PE) and sports science). Then taught at the Lido for 5 years, gave acrobatic classes and ran courses at La Grainerie and with the Pronomades. He became professional in 2003 with the company “Les Renversés”, which he created with two other circus artists. In 2006 he helped to create the act “ Les Rêves Oubliés” (Forgotten Dreams) by the company “La Baraque”, choreographed by Elisa Martin-Pradal.

Born in Israel, Itamar is an acrobatic dancer. He studied at Jerusalem Circus, a Jewish-Arab circus school in the heart of Jerusalem, for 8 years and later taught there. In 2007 he went to Berlin for European voluntary service in circus teaching to immigrant children. He arrived in France in 2010 to undertake professional training in circus arts at Le Lido in Toulouse. He currently works with Pierre Rigal and Gilles Baron’s Compagnie 111.

Benjamin de Matteïs

A circus artiste, trained in the Lido in 2001, Benjamin was part of the team who created Sacékripa in 2003 and also most of their shows “Tourne autour” (2003) “Coulisses” (2009) and “Marée Basse”. In 2004, they were awarded the “Young Circus Talents” and won the SACD prize with the group creation “Who goes on?”.  He joined the Lido in 2014, to become “research master” in his professional year. He was offered a position as artistic trainer with the PACT (pioneered des arts du cirque torulosis, associated with the Lido-Grainerie).  He gives advice about the “Cirque Poussière” show by Le Faux Populaire. He was responsible for the staging for the Belgian company Pol & Freddy and for “Rosemonde” for the company Du Vide.  In 2016, he co-wrote the show “DRU” by the June company and joined IETO for co-staging the show “To BEech”.

Patrice Lecussan alias Ouich

Régisseur, technician, handyman and builder for over 20 years in the performing arts and progressive polyform artistic adventures, I seek to combine uni-verses and practice.  From the artistic squat environment (MixArt Myrys, Toulouse) to the Toulouse institutional theatres (théâtre National de Toulouse, théâtre Garonne…) theatre companies (Agit, Groenland Paradis, Théatre Tattoo…) to circus companies (iéto, the group Prêt à Por-tet) from events (overall running “Midi-Pyrénées fait son cirque en Avignon” Auriac sur Vendinelle…) I want to enjoy myself and develop through my skills and bring whatever I can to human creation and adventure.

compagnie iéto | cie.ieto@gmail.com